Thursday, May 7, 2009

I have been having fun going out and meeting up with friends and making new ones. The group of friends i have here are great and i love spending time with them. :) No worries i don't drink all the time :)

Well we have a new member to the family at Ricki's its this puppy. It is a Pitt but a sweetheart. I have been enjoying cuddling with her.

Monday, March 30, 2009

More fun out on the town

Well I had a busy weekend again. David played both nights, Friday night at Chase Park Plaza Hotel and Saturday at Harry's. We had a lot of fun. Did I mention I was like five feet from George Clooney! He is so much cuter on the movies ;).

This is Ricki, my best friend here

Michelle Ricki and me
Michelle and Ricki


This is Anita and me. She is funny and a sweetheart to me :) so far ;)! I love her, her husband is Jaybird the saxophonist. They practice at their house all the time, so she puts up with a lot!

This is Anita with her hubby Jaybird

I had a lot of fun this weekend even though it snowed which was weird, but David drove home in it. Thanks David! other wise i would have been driving the boat.

This is Kim and her husband, he was very funny Saturday night!

This is Ricki, Annie, and me.. Annie dates the Bass player and she is the younger sister of Anita. As you can see below she is a lot of fun also!!

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

On Sunday David Played at a bar on Lacledes Landing, which is down town St. Louis. It was fun, there wasn't very many people there. I only got 1 hour of sleep because I had to work the next day and after the show we got something to eat and watch cops and cuddled.

These are some friends I have made through David, he has a lot of nice friends that are easy to get along with. This is Rob who plays the keyboards, and that is Michelle; she is cool and she is usually at the shows and we just goof off together all the time. :)

Friday, March 20, 2009


Well my friend TheAnna and I went to a restaurant called Tequila. They had a special going on a pitcher of Margaritas for $10.99. Before that we went to Hobby Lobby and spent like two hours there just goofing off. They had a sign in there for your house that said the word "Apothecary" Which in the dictionary is is defined as "One that prepares and sells drugs and other medicines." Hmmmm What made it worse is that this was the order of the signs:

1:Wish upon a Star

2: Child of God

3: Apothecary

4: Groceries

So we pointed it out to a worker and thought it was bad enough you guys would have a sign that had that word on it, but to have it after a Child of God and before groceries. OK Groceries really... really, someone had to have known what that word meant when they set it up like that.

So then after Hobby Lobby TheAnna decided she wanted to chop her hair off so we go to Great Clips. We walk in and the woman working there was trying to talk her out of it..... it was weird. And I know other people do this, but we looked at her hair and it was a mess; kind of makes you think hmmmm. do i really want her to cut my hair? The best was when she said well don't rush your decision go look at these books and show me what you like i can "Usually" do it. What??? Did she just say i can Usually do it. I mean confidence is a good thing, i would hope if she couldn't do it she would tell us but when someone is making a big decision "usually" isn't a very safe word. So needless to say TheAnna decided not to cut her hair... don't blame her.

So after Great Clips we went outside and the Mexican restaurant called Tequila was just down the sidewalk, so TheAnna said lets go get a margarita. Well again the special was a pitcher of a margarita a big pitcher and two big glasses. We drank all but a little bit of it with nothing in our stomachs but chips. Chips really.... come on we should have been thinking. Well then we went to David's practice and got into some trouble.... our bad! Then we went to a bar, don't remember the name right now but David and TJ came and met us there. It was fun, I am sleepy! I know I wouldn't have gotten any sleep that night anyways because my antibiotics are keeping me awake, actually they are making me hyper, oh well. that was my fun night i am going to go take a nap now!!! ;)
Love ya,

David Joseph Winton

This is David
We met at work when he worked there. We have known each other for a few years and would talk when he worked. After he went to another job; I decided to text him one day.I got his number from Mowesha who works here. After that the rest is history. December 08, 2009.

As you can see he has a personality that is one of a kind. There isn't a day that he doesn't get me to smile in some way. I love that about him. He has a really big heart and will do anything for the ones that he cares for. One thing that I am still trying to get used to is how he opens all the doors for me. You don't meet too many guys that do that anymore. He has helped get through a lot and he makes me happy. :) He plays in a band called FatPocket, they play funk music and they are awesome. Check them out at He is a hard worker and likes to eat taco sauce on everything.... when i say everything i mean everything. Mac n Cheese, mashed potatoes and everything. hes messed up in the head.
His family is awesome and I am glad i got to meet them. I can't wait to get to know them better. They did an awesome job raising a great Man. My family loves him, his personality is easy to get a long with and is a joy to be with.
I am glad that God decided to put us together. He and I were meant to find each other i truly believe this. so we will see David says 6 years is the magic number :) I can handle that :)

Thanks for being you David!
Love you!

My Family

Left: Mark & Doris Below: Lori, Mom, Susie

Left: Susie Below: Matt

Left: Melissa and Me Below:Mom and I

Left: Melissa Below:Mom and Dad

Left: Mom and me Below: Dad and me

Well this is some of my family. They are all great and I appreciate them very much. You know how they say you don't know what you had until its gone, well I don't need them to be gone I know how special and important each and everyone of them are to me.
My Dad.... He is a rock, he taught me at a young age to never give up and I don't. I remember my 8th grade year I went out for track; OK those of you that don't know this but I HATE TO RUN. So I hated it and wanted to quit, dad made me stick it out through the rest of the season at least; I did and I am so grateful for that. Sometimes I would get frustrated at him and he would get frustrated at me:) One time we were at the Fertile ball diamonds and he was hitting me fly balls I don't know how old I was but I kept missing them and they would just roll and roll. So I started walking after them when they went over my head; dad said, "If you don't start hustling after them I am going home." Well another one went over my head and I walked towards it. Dad had enough he grabbed his stuff and got in the car and left me there. OK the ball diamond is like 4 blocks from my house but it was the most devastating thing to have to walk it home. He had a funny way of showing me things about life, but it worked I got the point, it may have took me a while but I got it dad. Thanks!
My Mom, OHHH mom one thing that I love hate about my mom is that she just says what is on her mind. She says she holds back, so I think I wonder what would come out if she didn't???? :) But she is the type of person that can inspire you without knowing it. She has away of speaking and it sounds so true and good, probably because whenever she speaks she does it from the heart. We can get crazy together, we enjoy shopping together and even though sometimes hardly ever but sometimes we don't buy anything we still have fun. Its how we act with each other that is fun; when I was younger we had totally opposite tastes, but now we are almost on the same page ;0. I remember that she use to come pick me up at school and one day she decided to embarrass me, she pulled up with the wheel all the way up towards the dash board and the seat up as far as it would go. she looked like a mini semi driver it was funny. i was embarrassed at first but after that i would tell her to do it because it was fun. Mom did scar me for life though, when we were younger and it was time for bed she would chase us to the stairs and i would run up them while she would pound on them and say, "I'm gonna get you!" I have a heard time relaxing if someone is behind me when I walk up any stairs now.
Matt, my bro...... We really didn't get a long at all when we were younger. We got into trouble and we told on each other. I blamed him for somethings too. When we were younger I mostly remember him holding me down and spitting on my face, putting me in wrestling moves, giving me Charley horses in the car when i was going to tell on him, when he started the yard on fire, and him picking on me. But i was the same towards him we froze his underwear once, i blamed him for stuff i did, and i would tell on him all the time. In Middle school or something he told me about something that he tried once and told me to never do it. I will always remember that. And now i know he has my back, he always did but i know it for sure now. The best thing about him is his heart, he is so kind hearted and wants to get people things that they like all the time. and it was a signature of his to wrap presents in news paper. :)
Melissa- You kind of semi-newish to the family, but it feels like you have been in it forever. You fit right in and we all love you very much. Never having a sister it is fun to hang out with you and do sisterly things. I like it when you come and visit and i am so happy that Matt found you. you are very good for each other. i am looking forward to spending more time with you when we can and getting to know each other more. Love you!
This is my immediate family, my aunts, uncles, grandpa, grandma (who i miss), and close friends are all good. I don't have pictures of all of them, but they all have something unique that makes me, me. they all had a part of making an impact in my life; whether they know it or not. I will always be grateful to all of them. I love you all!!

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Hello Again,
Well Mom, Dad, Melissa, and Susie all came down to see me this past weekend. We had a lot of fun "stupid" moments. I will not forget somethings that we laughed so hard about.
We went to see David and Fatpocketfunk play Saturday night. It was fun and we all danced well everyone but dad. :)
Us Girls went shopping both Friday at a mall and Saturday on Main St. we met the Jelly Belly man. Susie got so mad at a restaurant that she lost her shoe. hahaha. We had a lot of fun us girls; we got giggling hard many times. We tried this sparkling wine on Main it was so good we got two bottles, never opened them though. Mom left one with me I plan on drinking it soon.
Don't worry dad did actually leave the hotel room 3 times the whole weekend :) !! But I can't really blame him I mean we did a lot of shopping and hes not really into that! I had a lot of fun with them I wish my bro could make it but I totally understand you have a lot going on and there will always be a next time so I will see YOU in May. Thanks for coming guys I had a blast with you and it was a lot of fun.
Love you all,